Email your introduction to Please be respectful and professional with your inquiry.

Don't forget:
  • Your full name
  • A brief, but informative description of yourself — nothing explicit!
  • A contact number (tell me if you have any calling restrictions)
  • Date, time, and place you want to meet; and for how long
  • Outcall meetings: name and address of your hotel, or the address of your upscale residence

  • Are you local, and looking for incall? I would love to make time for you, but please pre-book. At discretion, I may ask for a deposit.
  • Please tell me where you found me
  • If you are a member of Preferred411, then include your membership ID. If you're not a member, that's okay.
  • Travel engagements available outside the Greater Seattle area — please inquire regarding the travel arrangement & deposit
  • I will ask for any additional information I feel is necessary for my comfort & safety
  • I pre-book nearly all my appointments. Please don't wait until the last minute to contact me.
  • I am generally available afternoons, evenings, and nights. Sorry, I am not a morning person.

Is email absolutely out of the question? You may call me from an unblocked number, and leave a voice message at 646-504-0471, with *all* of your booking information, per the above instructions. This is not a substitute for reading my site, and I do not take cold calls. Please be ready to book.

Please do not introduce yourself with a text message!

NB: my service does not allow me to send text messages to international numbers.

I am flexible, I do my best to accommodate your schedule, and I never double-book appointments. If you must cancel, please offer me the courtesy of (at least) 24 hours notice. I charge a fee for short-notice cancelations.

An unexpected call at an unsociable hour will go unanswered.