A few gentle reminders of my expectations. Common sense and mutual respect go a long way to ensure a good time for everyone. Sorry if the following seems obvious, but to some it is not. So, here we go...

  • Respect the laws of the State of Washington.

  • I expect a polite introduction. Please follow my booking instructions, and send a composed email with all your information. If you must call, please do so at a sociable hour.

    Complete sentences are a huge plus. "txt spk" is a huge turn-off.

    If you do not send your booking information, I will assume you are not serious about meeting.

  • I don't hang out at my incall space waiting for you to drop by on a whim. Whether I host, or come to you, you must plan ahead and make an appointment. I do not take cold calls, nor am I available to chit-chat 24/7. If you want to chat, please book an appointment.

  • When you book, be absolutely 100% sure about meeting. When I reserve time for you, it is for you alone. I never double-book. This is my livelihood, and a cancellation is more than just an inconvenience.

    Please give me at least 24 hours notice (72 hours for travel bookings) if you must cancel. If you cancel with short notice, expect me to ask for compensation.

  • Be prepared for the financial arrangements. My fee is due upon upon my arrival. Please have it ready and visible, so I don’t have to ask for it.

    Attempting to negotiate is beyond the pale.

  • Please wash up before I arrive! Scrub all the smelly bits until they are completely fresh and clean.

    Floss & brush, please.

    A tiny spritz of fragrance, or none at all.

    Yes, you will have time. No excuses. If I am hosting, you may use my shower.

  • What happens between us, stays between us. I want no record of our private affairs.

    As a courtesy, you may use me as a reference, with the understanding that our time together is private. I abhor gossip about my colleagues, and I will not engage in it. I expect the same respect in return. I appreciate a heads up if you use my name as a reference.

  • Please keep your secret life a secret. Take care that your secrets do not linger in your phone, in your browser, nor find their way into the Cloud.

  • You and I both have boundaries, both physical and personal. I will respect yours. Please respect mine. If I tell you you're making me uncomfortable in any way, I expect you to stop doing that thing,
    whatever it is.

  • If you treat me badly, I will take my full fee, and leave.

To you who understand these things without being told, I apologize.
Your family obviously raised you right, and for that I am truly grateful.