I have always preferred quality experiences over high-volume encounters. This is even more important to me now. What about you?

When it’s your turn, please get the vaccine! We still need to be careful until we’re all vaccinated. In a few months, we can play with more confidence.


To protect our communities, we have deprived ourselves of intimacy, robbing us of more than our physical needs: the human touch is vital to our spiritual and emotional health. It is time to touch one another again, albeit with caution.

Just like our state, I must gradually lift my restrictions. Be prepared for honest conversations regarding risk assessment, and additional sanitation measures.

Still nervous? An exclusive arrangement is available for the right gent.

We both take the COVID-19 crisis seriously, and:

  • Avoid crowds & observe social distancing
  • Wear a mask (correctly) out and about among people outside our household
  • Wash our hands after contact with high-touch areas & before touching our faces
  • Sanitize high-touch areas & objects in our spaces
  • Pay close attention to our bodies and watch for symptoms. Me? I do lots of deep breathing, I check my temperature & blood O2 levels daily, and I keep my seasonal allergies under control so they don’t mask something serious.
  • Will quarantine for at least 14 days if a contact gets sick. Or if either of us get sick, of course!
  • Will inform the other if one of us gets sick within 14 days of our meeting
  • Do not face patients at work
  • No one in your household is elderly, immunocompromised, or otherwise at great risk of serious COVID complications
  • Your work puts you at low risk of exposure (details to be discussed)
I consider certain hotspots around the country to be high risk, a situation in a constant state of flux, obviously. Please be forthright about your travel.

Frontline workers, so sorry! Not yet. Goddess knows, you deserve a fun time with a companion, but it will have to wait. When we figure out what’s up with COVID immunity and have a vaccine, I will welcome you with open arms, I promise!