Selective GFE companion: hourly meetings, clock-free evenings, and extended engagements in the Greater Seattle area.

Fall Update: I am ready to meet again. Protecting our communities has taken a toll. Social distancing has robbed us of our spiritual and emotional health. It is time to reconnect, albeit with caution.

Please review my site, including the COVID-19 page, and send me all your info.

Still nervous? I am open to an exclusive arrangement for the right gent.

My Philosophy

Does modern communication leave you feeling empty? You’re in good company. Did past meetings turn out nice, but forgettable? Are your standards high? So are mine.

Most anyone would consider me a GFE. I prefer to think of myself as a mature woman in her lusty prime. Like rekindling an old flame -- and finding out we're both better than before!

Real intimacy and a real connection take effort, and it is so worth it! Emotionally mature men welcome. Separate yourself from the boys, and show me you are ready to make the effort to communicate beyond a one-liner.

About Me

My heritage? An American jumble of European roots… but my eyes are 100% Irish. The genetic lottery awarded me ivory skin and an abundance of dark, glossy hair. My thighs are thick, my backside big and round. After all these years, my breasts remain youthful and natural. And my warm smile, the promise of a joyful meeting.

I'm inclined to see gents I really like. I adore men, and I truly love what I do. Being selective means I continue to love this profession, and that I will love it for a very long time yet.

Bits and bobs:
  • 5'3"
  • 34C bra
  • 154 lbs
  • size 6.5 shoe
  • silky, touchable dark hair
  • blue eyes
  • non-smoker
  • cannabis-friendly
  • no illegal drugs!
  • a sharp sense of smell
  • occasional kinkster
  • University-educated
  • American-born, passport-ready

I've had no cosmetic surgery, and choose to keep a natural figure. I am content with my imperfections, and I expect you will be as well. I still pass for 40-ish, but shhhh—I'm really older than that.

Outcalls to fine hotels and upscale residences. I do not tour, but I can visit you in your city by special invitation.

On Discretion and Trust

I was born before the age of oversharing, and so understand the value of discretion. Do you fear your privacy will be compromised by a silly girl who doesn't know any better? I don’t blame you.

Bad client lists are for abusers and thieves, not for guys we simply don’t like. And bad client lists need to stay private, not on display for the whole world to see.

I used to believe discretion was a given in this business. As I watch my colleagues abuse the trust you put in us, I see that is no longer true. I refuse to accept this as the new normal. My promise: I will not compromise your trust in me.

I'm not a big fan of escort reviews either. I don't mind a discreet recommendation, but our private time together is between us and us alone.

I have been vetted and verified by Preferred411 (#P2015) since 2006, based on my long-standing reputation for quality service. I keep company with some very reputable ladies. I have a Twitter feed if you're inclined to visit. I am also a charter member of Have We Met?, a new way to verify companions without explicit or incriminating reviews.

I lived and worked in New York City for 15+ years prior to relocating to Seattle. A careful search will reveal an internet footprint that shows my work history.

Always, I have been independent, and handle my own bookings. No agent or personal assistant answers my email, just me.